California Contractor's License # 823364

Landscape Irrigation Specialist

Culver City, CA




15 years of irrigation experience.

Any size job, big or small.

For a free estimate call and ask for Brian.

Emergency Service Available.


What I do?

Repair, install, design, maintain, troubleshoot, automate or customize landscape sprinkler systems: interior or exterior, metal or plastic, manual, electric, battery operated, solar powered  or even hydraulic.  I can fix your old system or build you a new one.  I will get water to your grass or your plants or anything else you want to get wet ...  wherever you want, whenever you want.  If you need to keep your walks, walls and cars dry, I can also help.   I  install and repair copper pipes (exterior only) and I will repair old, rusted galvanized pipes if you insist (only if it's realistic to do so).  Just call and ask for Brian.  I have many satisfied customers and all of my work  is guaranteed.   

Where I do it?

Greater Los Angeles.

What it costs?

Repairs, additions and customizations:


$95.00 minimum charge for first hour.

$85.00 per hour thereafter with a discount rate on jobs of 6 hours or more.

Discount rates available in some areas for jobs 1/2 hour or less.


The cost of parts varies from $1.25 to $125 or more but the average repair for 1 or 2 broken PVC pipes and a couple or three new spray heads (these emit the water) is $15 to $30. If you need a valve (these control the flow of water to the spray heads) or actuator (a replaceable component of some valves) replaced, it's probably going to be about another $45 to $65 in parts. All of these repairs can usually  be done in one hour.

If you need a new controller (also referred to as a timer or clock or "brain"),  they start at about $125.  These are the good ones. Cheaper models are available but I don't recommend using them. Most timers can be installed in one hour or less (1 to 12 stations).  Perhaps your timer is OK but your wiring is faulty...? If so, I can probably troubleshoot and repair the faulty wiring in 30 minutes to an hour.

If you have a manual system and you want to automate it the cost is typically $45 to $80 per valve (brass) to replace or convert, plus the cost of the timer and control wire plus  l  to 2 hours of labor.  Call for more details.

I can also install drip irrigation systems for potted plants including hanging plants.  Call for a price.

If you have questions about advanced technology items such as central control systems and available software or features like flow monitoring and automatic emergency shut-off, just call Brian.

Rain sensors and remote control?   ...give me a call.

Pressure problems or friction loss woes?   ...ask for Brian.

Temperamental timer?  ...The Sprinkler Guy can help!

New copper main line? 310-280-1141.

Stuck valve?   Just call me... 

Design and consultations:

Call me for a price.

New installations:

Call me for a free estimate. 







. . . keeping your grass and garden green.